I’ve been rockin’ live shows over cds, vinyl and even cassette tapes for quite a long time. The DJ is the emcee’s preferred method of rockin’ live on stage and the more recent addition to the emcee’s arsenal is the USB thumb drive. Upload my music files onto this mini hard drive no bigger than a lighter and dump it all onto my man’s laptop and hellooo Serato! Good stuff!

Rockin’ with a live band isn’t that new to me. I’ve always been involved with musicians in one way or another. From doing songs with hardcore bands, freestyling with Beatdown Collective or on some impromptu junk live at Savannah’s in Albany. Live music is 2nd nature to me.

More recently, I’ve been working with a few guys who are super gung-ho about rockin’ with me as a group. We linked up at the beginning of the year and now after about 9 months or so of practice we’re excited to be on some bills. We have a full set of 8 songs and we’ve already rocked 2 gigs here in the 518 and we slay…harrrrd! We have a couple more shows in the deuce oh wun wun and definitely look forward to more sets in the year the world is supposed to end (2012 for you Myan calendar challenged people).

Check us out, yall!
Goldtooth is the name “like” the page and get on the bus. “And it don’t stop”!

Sev Statik rockin' with his live band.

photo: Courtney Voorhees

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