New music update!

Peace, Y’all!

Yes, I have a few projects under my belt that I’d like to release. To be honest and upfront, I’ve been rethinking how I want to release my music; whether I want to accompany a digital release with CDs and videos or not. It’s been weighing on my mind a lot, but I’m looking to finalize those ideas soon.

With that being said, I’ve completed a full length group project with my brethren SES Da Great and Knowle’ge calling ourselves Und3rstanding. We have a 3 man team on rhymes with full production by Deborah’s Son. We’re working on the group logo and artwork now. We’re performing at the 8th annual BeatShot music festival July 7th at 10pm, the Nuyorican Cafe in NYC on July 17th, and The Fuze Box in Albany on August 20th with Sime Gezus and Big Malk.

Just wanted to keep heads in the loop considering past news concerning my solo projects.

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