New Sev Statik Project

Peace, fam!

The past 2 years I’ve released 3 digital EPs via my Bandcamp page. I wasn’t really sure I’d be interested in doing another full length project again. It’s a lengthy process and it takes a lot of work to get done. Not to mention the promotion for it is incredibly daunting day after day. Making the music is just the beginning and I’ve been blessed to always be able to pick up the pen and start writing. Writer’s block isn’t in my geography.

With that being said I’ve committed to doing a full length project entirely produced by my friend Jason Panucci aka PJ Katz. We’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve worked on numerous projects and events in the past. There’s not many people I’d take on a full length project with, but Katz is definitely that dude.

We’ve agreed to do an EP and then a full length project to follow. The EP is already recorded and we’re looking to have both projects out 2013. So, yea…a Sev Statik full length is on it’s way along with a few videos to compliment each release. This can’t get any better.

Be easy, fam.

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