sev statik and vinylcologist

This past year I’ve released 2 EPs working with DJ Tone on School Shooting and more recently Raw Threat on Sondial. Before I get to the new EP news I gotta tell ya I’m working towards my next full length record exclusively produced by PJ Katz. I’ve been on numerous tracks produced by Katz, and you might remember him from the song on the Tunnel Rats CD called Disposable. As I build songs and Katz works on these beats I’m hard at work on this new EP featuring production by my 518 bredren The Vinylcologist . Check his twitter at @unitedcrates. Right now we’re 7 beats into it with 5 songs in the notepad. Got these last 2 beats to write to and then I’m hittin’ the boof! This will be a free download at my bandcamp page and other fine digital outlets. Not sure of the release date, but most definitely in the next couple months.

We’re looking to do a couple of videos for this Sev Statik and Vinylcologist project so keep an eye out and spread the word, friends.

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